KEMP Day Hospice

We are proud to be the Wyre Forest's only specialist nurse supported day hospice for seriously ill people.

At KEMP Hospice we are able to support patients with all forms of life-limiting illnesses not just cancer. 

We take a holistic view of patient care offering anything from symptom control, relaxation classes, through to spiritual care.

Health professionals with specialist skills and experience in palliative care are responsible for your care whilst you are attending Day Hospice.

We aim to provide a seamless package of care ensuring close liaison with your GP, District Nurse, Macmillan nurse and hospital consultant as required.


Our Day Hospice is based in Kidderminster and provides support with physical, emotional, social or spiritual concerns which come with life-limiting illness. 

At Kidderminster we provide care for up to 15 patients, 4 days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday).

Day hospice is a nurse-led unit focused on your needs while you live at home with a life-limiting illness: this means that the nurses liaise with your GP, District Nurses and others supporting you at home.

Day Hospice is open to anyone with a life limiting illness that requires specialist palliative care support. 


The clinical team will make an initial assessment of the care that you may require and on your first visit a member of your family or a friend may be invited to attend with you if you wish.

A patient’s well being is monitored each visit and they are encouraged towards self-help, regaining confidence and maintaining independence. Nursing care is given as necessary eg: renewal of dressings and advice on symptom control.

Should the patient decide to attend on a regular basis, the clinical team will complete an assessment during which the patient will be encouraged to share their needs and concerns. 

Plan of Care will be discussed and implemented which will meet individual needs. The care received will be reviewed regularly by one of our team, in partnership with each patient.


Aside from the clinical side of care at KEMP's Day Hospice our team provide Spiritual Care, Physiotherapy, Occupational and Complementary therapy as well as Creative and Horticultural Therapy. 

We have volunteers and experts in a number of creative areas that regularly come in to offer classes on all manner of things, be it painting, sculpting, basket weaving, gardening, jewellery making - the list goes on.

We are firm believers in looking after the whole of a person - not just looking after their clinical needs but also their social and creative ones too.

If you would like more information please contact the hospice on 01562 756000, email us here, or use our Get In Touch link below.