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Why KEMP needs your support

At KEMP Hospice, our services are provided free of charge to our patients and their families. Each year approximately seven weeks running costs are funded by the Primary Care Trust, so the remaining forty five weeks are funded by the good nature of the local community.

The cost of running our specialist service increases year on year, for 2015/2016 the Hospice’s operating costs are expected to be in excess of £940,000.

You could help by:

  • Taking part in one of our events
  • Organising your own event
  • Take up a Challenge
  • Host a collecting box
  • Play our lottery
  • Gifts in Wills
  • Give regularly
  • Donate unwanted gifts for raffle prizes
  • Donate clothes and other items to or shops

If you choose to make a regular donation to the Hospice you Regular gifts provide funding that the Hospice can rely on. They also help us to plan for the future and develop new services.

It’s easy to set up a monthly, quarterly or annual payment from your bank account and you can choose to give an amount that suits you. Just click on the “Regular Giving” link on the right and then download a form.

The care the Hospice provides also makes a huge difference to families and carers, providing support from the Family Support Team, which includes Bereavement and Citizens Advice Bureau support, Chaplaincy & Pastoral support and advice from our medical team.

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