Creative and Horticultural Therapy

Creative Therapy encourages our Day Hospice patients to express themselves in a variety of creative ways, using different media, like watercolours, fabric painting, glass and ceramic painting, sewing and cooking.

Patients who have never considered themselves “artistic” before have been totally absorbed and inspired by taking part in this therapy and have produced beautiful things for themselves and their families.

Patients can enjoy our Reminiscence therapy, where we share stories from past times. This can stimulate memories and be very therapeutic as well as lots of fun! Some patients have also created a memory box celebrating their lives, which can be very healing for themselves and their families.

We also offer Horticultural therapy, which gives patients a chance to enjoy our ever changing natural world of plants, trees and flowers and look at their effects on our lives. Smells and textures can work as a reminiscent and a stimulant for all the senses. Plants can also be incorporated into other activities to benefit the patients; they can work in medicinal properties, seeds can be used for bread making and herbs and lavender can be used for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Beryl Bunyan, one of our Day Hospice patients, spoke to us about what Horticultural therapy means to her:

“I used to attend a Night School studying Flower Arranging so I enjoy learning more bits and tips! We are encouraged to be independent and have lots of creativity. Using the soil has worked as a form of physiotherapy, which has helped the dexterity in my hands.”


If you have a talent for crafting and would like to join our volunteer team, we'd love to hear from you. Please either contact us on 01562 756000 or complete this simple form.