Gift Aid

Your support and donations to KEMP Hospice are so incedibly important. It's your donations, or the money we can make off your item donations to our KEMP Retail shops, that help us raise vital funds for us to carry out the work we do across the Wyre Forest. But did you know we can make your donation go even further without  it costing you a single penny! 

You might have heard about the Gift Aid scheme but not many people tae advantage of it. If you are a UK taxpayer and make a Gift Aid declaration, then every time you make a donation to KEMP Hospice the Inland Revenue will give us the tax back! That's an extra 25p in every £1, at no cost to you.

For example, say you made a donation to KEMP of, say £20.00 (maybe from raising money for a charity event) and you've said 'yes' to Gift Aid, your donation turns into £25.00. That extra £5 comes from the Inland Revenue - not you and it goes directly to helping support us.

This applies to all personal donations our supporters have made to us since Gift Aid was introduced and any donations they make in the future so the potential for us to raise funds is enormous.

If all our tax-paying supporters made a Gift Aid declaration this would help us to raise thousands and thousands of pounds for KEMP.

Gift Aid is such a simple way of making your donation go even further - it helps turn your donation into something bigger, meaning that we at KEMP Hospice can help even more people across the Wyre Forest who really need our help.

You can find out more about Gift Aid at the HMRC website by clicking here.