Gifts In Wills

Thinking about your Will

Your Will says what will happen to your money, property and possessions after you die and when thinking about your Will and your wishes, there are many different things to reflect upon. 

We understand that this is a decision that may require careful consideration, however we do get asked many times about how people can leave something in their Will to KEMP Hospice.

Can I look after my family and still help KEMP Hospice?

Did you know that if you leave KEMP a gift of just 1% in your Will, your family get 99%? 

Helping people care for their loved ones is one of the main reasons KEMP Hospice exists and we understand that for many people, your Will is an opportunity to look after those dear to you.

By choosing to donate a small percentage of whatever is left after those close to you have been taken care of, it is possible to look after your family while still helping the Hospice to care for people affected by a life limiting illness.

How would my Gift make a difference?

Gifts in Wills enable us to help more families affected by serious illness, by passing on your kindness and your compassion through a Gift in your Will, our local community can become a better place to live.

What if I need to change my Will at a later date?

It is quite possible that your situation could change and, of course, you can change the contents of your Will at any time and for any reason. That’s one of the reasons why KEMP Hospice will never ask you if you have left us a Gift.

Your choice of Gift

A Gift may be the best way to remember KEMP's work while also taking care of your friends and family.

There are several other ways you can choose to remember KEMP in your Will including a Gift (a fixed monetary amount) or a specific item like artwork, jewellery or shares.

Our promise to you

If you choose to remember KEMP's work in your Will, we promise to respect your privacy and deal with your gift sensitively and efficiently.

We promise to provide any information you may need about the Hospice’s work and give you the choice of how you would like us to communicate with you in the future.

Further Information

If you would like further information on leaving a donation to KEMP Hospice in your Will, or would like to come and visit the Hospice please call the Fundraising Department on 01562 756066 or you can email us any time at

We have also put together a guide on Gifts in Wills which is avaialble  by clicking the leaflet below or by clicking here

Check out our Fundraising pages for more details on how you can support the work of KEMP Hospice.