Alison Field



Alison became Chair of Trustees for KEMP Hospice in the Autumn of 2018. You can read our press release here.

Tell us a bit about your background and skills

I have had a long association with KEMP, both personally and professionally.

In my work as a Manager in Primary Care I was aware of the great service that was provided by KEMP to our patients and in 1999 we experienced this first hand, as a family, when my Father-in-law became ill and was supported during his short illness. We were astounded at the turnout and support from friends and the local community when we held a concert, in his memory, to fundraise for KEMP and many people commented on their own experiences.

How did you become involved?
My Mum died in 2012 and, again we experienced the fantastic support and care that Hospice care offers (although not KEMP on this occasion). A few years later I began to explore ways that I could bring my background and experience to KEMP and I worked briefly at the Hospice during the summer of 2015.This confirmed my commitment to offering my experience to KEMP as a volunteer and I continued to assist in various ways until I was appointed as a Director/Trustee in March 2017.

Thoughts on KEMP
I greatly value the role that a Hospice plays in a community and I am very proud of the things I hear about the ways in which so many individuals come together to form the great team that is KEMP.

It has been fantastic to see the range of specialist services that continue to be developed, always with the aim of supporting more people -  in particular the bereavement counseling service including KEMP4Kids.

When you enter the building in Mason Road, there is both a calmness and a passion in equal measures. It is a happy place, but it has space to deal with the inevitable emotions that occur.

I love to spend time with the patients in the day hospice and at lunch ... it is what it is all about ...

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