Anne Rendell

Finance & Welfare Adviser


What do you do at KEMP?

I support all clients and service users with their concerns and Issues in relation to any matter of a financial and welfare nature.

Whilst my title Is that of 'financial and welfare adviser' It demands a much wider interpretation. It often happens that I also need to be available to be a confidential and neutral ear. Many clients have reported that this can be invaluable when talklng to someone closer or more familiar would feel Inappropriate or even beyond uncomfortable.

Why did you start working / volunteering at KEMP?

Originally I was drawn to Kemp because of Its positive reputation in the community. Later I was given the opportunity to work with the organisation through my role as a specialist adviser with Citizens Advice. More recently I came to work for KEMP direct and then I became truly part of the KEMP family.

Why do you think KEMP is special?

KEMP Is special because it benefits every one of us in the Wyre Forest, either directly or Indirectly. It certainly has the capability to touch or support us all at some point in our lives.

What do you get out of working at KEMP?

I feel very privileged to working with and for some truly amazing, selfless people. My biggest sense of reward is pined when I am Instrumental in empowering people. This generally occurs at a time in a person's life where control has cruelly been taken from them. Often through an Illness or loss which Is, of course, beyond their Influence.

What difference do you think KEMP makes to the community of the Wyre Forest?

KEMP gives people the opportunity to make the best of what could be horrible or intolerable situations.

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