Heidi Hawkins

Chief Executive Officer


What do you do at KEMP?

I am very proud to be the Chief Executive at KEMP.

Why did you start working / volunteering at KEMP?

I joined KEMP in December 2016. When the position was advertised and I did a little research into the hospice I was blown away by the breadth of services coming from what Is classed as a small charity. Having worked for 10 years in 2 charities which provided support to people with life limiting conditions, I know how Important our work is. I loved the fact that KEMP started in and was still heavily focussed on serving the community of the Wyre Forest both inside the hospice building and also that we work to make our services accessible across our region.

Why do you think KEMP Is special?

The people. Our volunteers, Trustees, colleagues, supporters and donors. When I started I spent a little time with every member of staff and spoke to as many volunteers as I could meet, and to see person after person light up when they talked about being part of KEMP was inspirational. In my time here, I have spoken with many people outside of KEMP and there Is a genuine fondness for the hospice and our work. I really feel that the passion we have within KEMP and the warmth that we are fortunate to have surrounding us will help us to achieve anything.

What do you get out of working at KEMP?

I love my Job. I feel I am able to really use the skills and experience I have built up throughout my working life and I can honestly say that no two days are the same. I get to spend my working days with motivated, hardworking, professional colleagues and volunteers, and together, everything that we do Is for the sole purpose of supporting people in their most difficult times.

For 15 years I worked in the retail sector where the main drivers are very different. I can't tell you how much more meaningful and how seriously you take your responsibilities when caring for people to the highest standards Is your sole objective and when your income is primarily donated by your local community.

What difference do you think KEMP makes to the community of the Wyre Forest?

KEMP means something different to everyone who comes into contact with the hospice or our retail outlets. We provide support to people who need our range of services and directly or indirectly to their family and close friends.

We provide a safe, comforting place for some; for others a social space to spend time with others who can relate or share with their feelings and emotions; we support people to challenge themselves, whether that’s in work, by volunteering, or by facilitating parachute jumps and runs; we help people gain confidence, again through work and volunteering opportunities.

KEMP was founded five decades ago and we know, because people tell us, that we are an integral part of the Wyre Forest community.

Email Heidi: heidi.hawkins@kemphospice.org.uk

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