Janet Rowe



Tell us a bit about your background and skills

Although I started life as a weather forecaster my career has been in organisations in both the public, private and voluntary sectors. I have worked at senior level in local government in both operation departments (including Social Services) and at the centre. I aspired to become a Chief Executive of a local authority and when I got close changed my mind due to the influence of political ideology. I then worked for a period in a Birmingham based family business as their Finance Director. I finished my career working in a charity based organisation.  So, I think my working background is suitable to help KEMP move forward in many different ways.

How did you become involved?

I became involved in KEMP through an approach made one morning at church at a time when I was looking for some voluntary involvement in a charity based organisation.

Thoughts on KEMP

My initial observations of KEMP are that it is undergoing a degree of change. I have met some of the staff and spent a little time with the patients. I am still really enjoying learning about all the services provided.

Managing change and driving the service forward whilst ensuring financial stability is I think its key focus now.

Quality of service can only be maintained with good strategic leadership, quality staff and good service delivery.

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