Kate Collier



Tell us a bit about your background and skills

I am a Chartered Accountant, who specialises in supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes to implement change, develop dynamic strategies, achieve financial stability whilst moving forward. My most recent appointment was as the Bursar of a large independent school in Birmingham where I was responsible for finance, estate management, HR, IT, Health & Safety not to mention a leisure complex complete with swimming pool. I am currently carrying out a variety of consultancy projects.

I also volunteer as a Financial Adviser to the National Board of the Women’s Institute, one of the leading educational charities in the UK.

In October 2017, I completed a 15,000ft Sky Dive to raise funds for KEMP. This was an incredible experience and not one I will forget. In 2018, I hope to be involved in more events such as the brilliant Santa Fun Run and Midnight Walk.

How did you become involved? 

I became involved in KEMP through an approach made by Shane Taylor, who is a friend of the family. I had previously expressed an interest in getting involved and with changes in the Board members, additional financial experience was desirable.  

Thoughts on KEMP

It is very early days in my KEMP journey but I have found the Board, the Staff, Volunteers and the Patients to be incredibly welcoming. I never cease to be amazed by just how resilient, professional and committed everyone at KEMP is.

The breadth of services is so much more than I expected. We need to do more to ensure that the people of Wyre Forest know that KEMP is their hospice, providing care and support in their community.

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