Shayne Taylor

Trustee/Director and Chair of KEMP Trading Board


Tell us a bit about your background and skills

I have spent my working career in various capacities in the retail sector, acquiring operational and commercial management skills which allowed me to undertake head of department roles. I am passionate about people development, helping individuals to reach their full potential, be that improving skill or self confidence levels. I share the same passion for customer service, always striving to exceed their expectations, a combination I have discovered makes for a very successful business model.

How did you become involved?

I was encouraged by my employer to seek an ambassadorial role working in the local community to share and utilise my managerial expertise and to further broaden my skill set. I joined the KEMP Trading Board as a Director in 2009 and felt immediately at home working with the retail team focusing on the shops and warehouse. Within a year I was invited to join the main Board and became a Trustee in 2010. 

Thoughts on KEMP

During my time at KEMP I have learned that good charity governance is about a team of volunteers (the Trustees) typically from different backgrounds with relevant specialism's supporting each other working towards the common interest of the delivery of the charities mission statement helping to ensure the staff, volunteers and most importantly the beneficiaries have a rewarding and fulfilling association with KEMP Hospice.

My association with KEMP has been truly rewarding on so many levels, I have been given the opportunity to share my skill set, but more importantly have acquired new understanding and appreciation of areas previously unfamiliar to me through the generosity of people around me sharing their knowledge and experience.  This I believe significantly adds value to the wider contribution I am able to make support the continued development of KEMP Hospice and all we collectively strive to achieve.  


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