KEMP Summer Raffle 2018

The sun is shining...the temperatures are rising...and the KEMP Hospice Summer Raffle is here!

We are giving you one thousand reasons to support your local hospice by buying/selling our raffle tickets, with a jackpot prize of £1,000 up for grabs.

Across the Wyre Forest, thousands of raffle tickets, in aid of KEMP Hospice have been arriving on doorsteps across the district. 

Over a quarter of all households in the area will have recieved a letter containing a book of tickets and a letter explaining why they are so important. 

KEMP Hospice Head of Fundraising Cathy Sloan & Chief Executive Heidi Hawkins

Every £1 raffle ticket bought or sold* will help raise crucial funds for KEMP, allowing them to help more people than ever before who rely on the care and support they offer people throughout the Wyre Forest. Care and support for people dealing with life-limiting illness or bereavement.

* raffle tickets can also be purchased from KEMP Hospice, 41 Mason Road, Kidderminster, DY11 6AG. 

This year’s fundraising raffle features the story of Elaine and her husband Andrew from Kidderminster. Elaine says KEMP Hospice is a lifeline, as they support her and care for her husband who has Parkinson’s disease.

Elaine shared her story so that people could understand the difficulties that families face when a loved one has a life-limiting illness. She explained what she has gone through: 

“Ten years ago our lives changed when Andrew was diagnosed. I now care for him 24 hours a day and it can sometimes be very overwhelming. The sad thing about Parkinson’s is that the body is there but there’s no soul, the eyes are blank and I feel as if I’m slowly losing the man that I love. Earlier this year Andrew had a fall and he said to me ‘Is this the end? I don’t want to go yet!’ – I just sat and cried. What could I say to make this right? As a wife or a mother it’s your job to put it right, but there was nothing I could say. 

Thankfully we were told about KEMP and he now visits them once a week and it’s been the best thing ever for us. Andrew is so well looked after; he loves it there. He does activities and is always laughing with his friends, something he doesn’t do at home. While he is there I am able to have a day to myself and to recharge my batteries, and I know that the minute we walk through the doors at KEMP we both breathe a sigh of relief, knowing how much he enjoys his day.

With their support I can look at the future with a little more hope and I hope that people get behind their summer raffle.

- Elaine

This year’s KEMP Summer Raffle would not have been possible without help from these Wyre Forest businesses

Their support means that we have a prize of £1000 to offer people and ensures that a quarter of all households across the district will receive our raffle tickets in the post over the next week.

If you haven't received a raffle pack in the post you can always call in to KEMP Hospice at 41 Mason Road, Kidderminster, DY11 6AG to pick up a book raffle tickets to sell for us**.

KEMP Hospice Fundraising

Together we care, we support, we fundraise; we care for people dealing with life limiting illness, we support families through bereavement and we fundraise to provide our services free of charge to the people of the Wyre Forest.

It costs around £1.5 million pounds to operate KEMP every year. At KEMP Hospice we provide crucial care to people dealing with life-limiting illness, support for people facing, or faced with bereavement, and this year we expect to look after over one thousand families with our care and support services. We can't do this without your help! Please fundraise with us and help care and support your local community.


** all ticket stubs must be returned to KEMP Hospice by 14th September 2018.