Carol's Story...

Carol Rees, Chaplain Volunteer  

From childhood I wanted to be a nurse and had to wait until my family had grown up.

At the age of 43, I trained as a nurse and for 16 years I was in my element, caring for people in need. Once I reached retirement age, what should I do with my time now I thought?

The answer came when I was introduced to KEMP founder Reverend Jennifer Binnion...

What has Hospice Care meant to you?

I joined KEMP and the chaplain team on a voluntary basis and what a privilege the past 25 years have been. We are all blessed to be invited and accepted to share the joys, fears and sadness of patients. We learn and receive so much from people who are 'brave' enough to enter the 'dreaded portals' of a hospice in fear that they have entered somewhere full of doom and gloom.

Although in reality they have entered a loving, welcoming place filled with much laughter, sometimes crazy and positive in outlook. 

How have you been touched by KEMP?

There is always a 'quiet time' to start each day at the hospice, within the Sanctuary at KEMP. Patients, volunteers and staff come together to light a candle for the work of the hospice and everyone supported at KEMP.

We hope and pray that each one of us will take the light with us. 

Do you have any special memories?

One thing not permitted is what I call 'Bible bashing on the head' whatever people’s religion, or none, we are all accepted into the KEMP Family. One gentleman patient told me he didn't believe in the religious world, although continued to say 'I do believe in something other'. It is a great privilege to be accepted by people at this stage of their lives.

Are you doing anything now to help support KEMP?

I continue to volunteer at KEMP a couple of times a week and at special events, such as KEMP’s Light up a Life Celebration Service held at Kidderminster Town Hall in December. 

I will continue to dedicate my time and support to everyone in the KEMP family for as long as possible.

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